About Astral

Astral Pharmaceuticals was incorporated in 2015 by industry experts. They wanted to develop a best of breed business that was agile, responsive to market and customer needs while still providing service and customer satisfaction.

We have national sales coverage through our own, national fully trained  sales team. We use the most advanced specialist distributor in South Africa for warehousing, safeguarding and delivering of our products.

Some of our key success features include:

  1. Intimate knowledge of the industry, products and other companies within SA and globally through our shareholder base.
  2. Specialised knowledge of the customer, including state, medical aid, hospital or retail pharmacy in a number of countries across Africa.
  3. Well known and respected within the industry, with the ability to cross originator products and generics.
  4. The opportunity to access any dossiers, globally, for use in selected countries we wish to access.

Holding company: Astral Healthcare Pty Ltd. Reg # 2015/305006/07

Registration company: Astral Pharma Pty Ltd. Reg# 2013/103510/07 (wholly owned subsidiary of Astral Health)

Pharmacy license #: Y55949 (licensed with the Department of Health and the Pharmacy Council)

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